Capacity Building of Employer and Business membership Organization (EBMOs)

Successful enterprises are at the heart of any strategy to create employment, drive prosperity, and improve living standards. Strong, independent, and representative Employer and Business Membership Organizations (EBMOs) are an essential pillar supporting their members’ needs, competitive and sustainable enterprises, good governance, and socio-economic development. EBMOs can strengthen the overall functioning of markets by providing public goods (knowledge and services) and providing a collective, and at times, alternative voice to policymakers.

In this regard, Pacific EBMOs have clear and important roles in representing the collective interests of business in relation to labour market issues and on trade and investment, in providing practical assistance and support to member companies, and providing leadership in the private sector in support of social and economic development.

The ILO’s technical cooperation programme aims to promote strong, independent and representative EBMOs in the Pacific. The programme is focused on capacity building in three main areas:
1. adopting a strategic approach to organizational development and management;
2. improving services in order to provide value to existing and potential members; and
3. strengthening the policy influence of EBMOs through data-driven, evidence-based research and advocacy.