About the Sectoral Policies Department

Cross-cutting through Decent Work: the ILO sectoral approach

The sectoral approach is cross-cutting throughout the entire Decent Work Agenda and it allows the ILO to respond comprehensively to sectors’ specific needs. SECTOR carries out its work by:
a)    promoting and supporting the implementation of international labour standards, with particular attention given to those of a sectoral nature;
b)    building consensus among sectoral constituents at global, regional and national levels to reach policy and action-oriented recommendations in relation to emerging topics of special importance for the sectors;
c)    developing and sharing knowledge on emerging trends and challenges at industry level through the collection and analysis of sector-specific data, focused research, and publication of reports and working papers;
d)    strengthening the capacity of governments, employers’ and workers’ organizations, for advancing the decent work agenda at country level, through the implementation of action programmes and technical cooperation projects, as well as through the provision of technical assistance and training; and
e)    enhancing policy coherence at global level for the promotion of decent work at sectoral level, through partnerships with other United Nations agencies and multilateral organizations on key sectoral issues.