Information resources

The ILO develops a sound knowledge base on social protection and disseminates it through the publication of studies, working papers, guides, manuals and reports. It collects, stores and disseminates comparable statistical data on social protection. The ILO supports actors involved in the extension of social protection: policy makers, technical teams from ministries, development partners, technical cooperation experts, social security funds managers and others providing them with global interdisciplinary knowledge sharing environments for the design, extension and reform of social protection systems in the light of the challenges presented by global crisis and structural transformations, such as those related to climate and demographic changes, digitalization and globalization, as well as to the rise of precarious forms of work and persisting informality. 

Interactive platforms

  1. Social Protection Platform

    The ILO knowledge sharing platform platform on Social Protection.

  2. Human Rights and Social Protection Platform

    A tool to provide expert legal and development resources on social protection and human rights.


  1. ILO World Social Protection Data Dashboards

    The ILO World Social Protection Database (WSPDB) is the main source of global data on social protection. The WSPD collects, stores and disseminates comparable statistical data on social security worldwide. Data compilation on social protection is mainly driven by the administrative data received from governments. 

  2. ILO Social Protection Monitor

    The ILO’s Social Protection Monitor is based on media/news published online. The Monitor tracks announcements of social protection measures, defined as any policy decision that affects the functioning of a social protection system, from minor parametric adjustments to major developments and reforms, as well as social subsidies. The Monitor is a useful source for addressing information gaps and detecting global and regional trends in a timely manner.