National Stakeholders Consultation on HIV and AIDS and the Construction Sector

As part of the joint UN project "Preparatory Assistance for Development of a Programme on Safe Mobility and HIV", ILO organized this Consultation in New Delhi.

The consultation brought together key stakeholders from the construction sector to discuss the vulnerability of workers engaged in the construction sector to STI/HIV and AIDS; to discuss strategic HIV & AIDS policy and programmatic interventions for constructions workers and the role of various stakeholders; and to provide a set of recommendations for policy and programme by different stakeholders (government, employers organizations/industrial associations, workers' organizations, private construction companies, NACO/SACS, UN/bilateral agencies, NGOs etc.).

The participants included officials of Ministry of Labour and Employment, Central trade unions, trade unions engaged in construction sector, employers' organizations/relevant industrial associations, construction companies, People Living with HIV, NGOs working in the construction sector and UN/bilateral agencies.