Staff list


Mr Satoshi SasakiOfficer-In-Charge
Ms Seena ChatterjeeExecutive Assistant to the Director

Decent Work Technical Team - South Asia

Mr Ravindra PeirisSenior Specialist on Employers' Activities
Mr Gabriel H. BordadoSkills & Employment Specialist
VacantSenior Employment Specialist
Ms Aya Mori MatsuuraGender Specialist
Mr Tsuyoshi KawakamiOccupational Safety & Health Specialist
Mr Mahandra G NaidooSocial Dialogue and Labour Administration Specialist
Mr Syed Sultan U AhmmedSpecialist on Workers' Activities
Vacant Sustainable Enterprise Development Specialist 
Mr Fowzul Insaf NizamSpecialist on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work
Mr Peter BuwemboLabour Statistician Specialist
Mr Dino Bertholdus Willy CorellLabour Migration Specialist
Ms Mariko OuchiSenior Technical Specialist on Social Protection
Ms.Elena GerasimovaLabour Law and Labour Standards Specialist
Mr Tomas T. StenstromSenior Specialist on Employment Intensive Investments 
Mr Anoop SatpathyWage Specialist (Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka)
Ms Jyoti Gahlot Senior Operations Assistant
Ms Shruti Vidyadhar RaneOperations Assistant
Ms Yukari KanamoriJPO-Innovation, Digital Transition and Field Support

Programme Unit (PROG)

Ms Divya VermaSenior Programme Officer 
Ms Ruchira ChandraProgramme Officer
Mr. Vaibhav RaajProgramme Officer
Ms Vanita ManchandaOperations Assistant
Ms Namita KambhojOperations Assistant
Mr Shankaran Kartik AyerSr. Partnership and Resource Mobilization Officer
Ms Ayaka MochidaJPO-Partnership & Development

Finance, Administration & Personnel (ADFIN)

Mr Kumar ChatterjeeSenior Operations Officer
Mr Ashok MahajanSenior Finance Assistant
Ms Nandini Bijlani VermaOperations Assistant
Mr Prashant AroraFinance Assistant
Ms Anuradha SahniOperations Assistant
Mr Yogendra UniyalSenior Information Technology Assistant
Mr Yoginder TokasSenior Driver
Mr Surender PalDriver
Mr Prem ChandMessenger


Ms Meena KajlaReceptionist


Ms Akriti ParacerCommunication and Information Management Officer


Prevention of HIV/AIDS in the World of Work: A Tripartite Response

Mr Syed M BaqarNational Project Coordinator
Ms Sudhalika VermaProject Assistant

Work in Freedom - Making migrant work safer for women from South Asia

Ms Neha WadhawanNational Project Coordinator
Mr Binod Shankar SinghFinance & Administrative Assistant


Promoting Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in the cotton supply chain

VacantNational Project Coordinator
VacantProject Assistant

MAP16 project to accelerate action against child labour and forced labour

Ms Bansari NagNational Project Manager

Technical support to ESIC for improving and expanding access to health care services in India- an approach to formalization

Ms. Hemamalini Krishnarathnam Administrative Assistant

Extension of social protection to gig and platform workers in India

Mr Karun Gopinath National Project Coordinator

Waste and Green Jobs

Ms Pallavi MansinghNational Project Coordinator
Ms Meera MalhotraAdministrative Assistant

Asia Regional Child Labour Programme

Mr Giovanni SoledadChief Technical Adviser
Mr Gadiraju Lakshmi NarasimhanNational Project Coordinator
Ms Itishree SahooMonitoring and Evaluation Officer
VacantSenior Finance and Administrative Assistant
Mr Arul Roy JohnFinance and Administrative Assistant

Governance of Labour Migration in South and South-East Asia (GOALS)


Mr Amish KarkiTechnical Officer
Ms Reshma VermaProject Assistant

Safety and Health for the plantation workers focussing the tea sector in Assam


Ms Bharti BirlaProject Manager
Ms Kanagarani SelvakumarNational Project Coordinator
Mr Balasubramanian DevarajanProject Assistant

Promoting Sustainable Enterprises in India (PSEI)


Ms Sudipta BhadraProject Manager (Chief Technical Advisor)
Mr Ashish Dhiman National Project Coordinator
Mr Binod Shankar SinghAdmin and Finance Assistant


Ms Baishali LahiriNational Project Coordinator 
Mr Ahmed Jafar AlamProject Assistant 

Care Economy

Ms Vishishta SamNational Project Coordinator 
Ms Geetha ChandranFinance and Administrative Assistant 

SPARK Disability Project

Ms Rachna SinghNational Project Coordinator 
Ms Sudhalika VermaProject Assistant 

Setting Adequate Wages (SAW)

Mr Ranjit PrakashNational Project Coordinator 


Ms Catharina HaenselIntern