Library / information centre

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The ILO Country Office for Pakistan maintains a collection of selected ILO publications from around the world and from Pakistan. Visitors from inside and outside of the ILO are welcome to contact the office for information on the Country Office’s collection, which is housed in the ILO Building in G-5/2 (near the State Bank of Pakistan).

The ILO Library at Headquarters in Geneva is also a leading source of knowledge on the world of work and work-related issues. It serves as a hub for information on established and emerging work issues, sustainable livelihoods, and the work-related aspects of economic and social development, technological change and human rights. It is part of the ILO’s Global Information Network and works closely with other ILO libraries around the world.

The ILO’s database, LABORDOC, contains all ILO publications since 1919 in a variety of languages. It also stores a wide range of printed and electronic material - including journals, articles, reports and training manuals - from other valuable sources, including research centres, NGO’s and other national and multi-lateral organizations. There is a particular emphasis on material from and about developing and transition countries. Approximately 500 new records are added every month.

The ILO also maintains a website on Knowledge Sharing that includes the ILO's Knowledge Strategy, an inventory of ILO activities, and selected policies from other international organizations. It also offers a Knowledge Sharing Toolkit, giving details of key knowledge sharing concepts and methods, so allowing you to identify which techniques will work best for you.