ILO/Sida Partnership on Youth Employment 2016-17

The ILO/Sida Partnership Programme 2016-2017 assists countries to develop and implement integrated employment policies and programmes conducive to the promotion and creation of youth employment. It is articulated around three main areas of intervention: i)mainstreaming youth employment into national employment policies ; ii) support the school-to-work transition of young women and men; iii) knowledge-sharing and capacity building under the five policy areas of the ILO’s Call for Action

The Programme has two components, namely: (i) a global product; and (ii) country-level initiatives. The Global product is meant as a service platform to serve country-level interventions. It makes available expertise, information and working/training tools to be conveniently adapted and used for country-level work. On the other hand, country activities feed into the global products’ development and field test “what works for youth employment”; lessons learned will inform and improve the broad range of ILO’s technical assistance tools and services on youth employment issues to be shared worldwide.

At the global and country levels, the Programme will endeavour to identify and exploit operational links with other relevant actors and initiatives, in view of broadening its youth employment outcome.

The countries of intervention are :
  • Morocco
  • Paraguay
  • Cambodia
  • Jordan
  • Moldova


  1. Global Product of the ILO/Sida Partnership on Youth Employment 2016-2017

    The Global product is meant to support and give larger visibility to country-level interventions. It consists of different actions, including the provision of technical inputs and backstopping services, training support and knowledge development and dissemination.