News on Violence and Harassment in the World of Work

  1. Ensuring the protection of Indonesian migrant workers through the integration of the Migrant Worker Resources Center (MRC) Services with the Gender-Responsive One-Roof Integrated Services (LTSA) in Blitar District

    25 July 2022

    The Ministry of Manpower, together with the Blitar District Government, the joint ILO-UN Women’s Safe and Fair Programme, the European Union, the Confederation of All Indonesian Labour Unions (KSBSI) and the Indonesian Women Coalition of East Java Region will launch the Gender-Responsive Information Center and One-Roof Integrated Services (Migrant Worker Resource Center /MRC) of Blitar District, East Java.

  2. Mexico ratifies ILO Convention on Violence and Harassment

    06 July 2022

    Mexico is the 19th country to ratify ILO Convention No. 190, the 7th in the Latin American and Caribbean region.

  3. ILO Director-General warns G7 Summit on great divergence

    27 June 2022

    In his statement to the G7 Summit in Germany, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, says pandemic and conflict have widened divergence between industrialized and developing countries. Raises concern over inequalities within countries, including gender gaps.

  4. Trade union confederations contribute to the achievement of HIV/AIDS global target in Indonesia

    07 June 2022

    The ILO conducted a seminar to showcase contributions given by trade unions confederations through their programme activities aimed to prevent HIV at the workplace and to promote a non-discriminatory policy in various industrial sectors.

  5. Indonesia updates its EEO Guide to be relevant with the fast-changing world of work

    30 May 2022

    Indonesian key labour actors jointly update the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Guide to accommodate recent employment changes and to promote the creation of harassment- and violence-free workplaces.

  6. First ratification of Convention No. 190 in the Caribbean

    09 May 2022

    Antigua and Barbuda ratifies Conventions Nos 190 and 183

  7. Companies under G20 Empower to create workplace free from violence and harassment

    06 May 2022

    The ILO and its social partners conducted the capacity building programme for G20 Empower’s companies and state-owned companies to promote the creation of workplace free from violence and harassment.

  8. Albania ratifies the Violence and Harassment Convention

    06 May 2022

    Albania becomes the 13th country in the world, and the 5th country in Europe, to ratify Convention No. 190.

  9. Recently launched HIV e-learning programme strengthens HIV prevention programme at the enterprise level

    05 May 2022

    The ILO in collaboration with the Ministry of Manpower and the Indonesian Medical Association for Occupational Health (IDKI) strengthens the implementation of Manpower Ministerial Decree on HIV prevention through HIV e-learning module and training programme for enterprises.

  10. The Republic of San Marino ratifies the Violence and Harassment Convention

    14 April 2022

    San Marino becomes the 12th country in the world, and the 4th country in Europe, to ratify Convention No. 190.

  11. Indonesian mass media take actions to free the world of work from violence and harassment

    07 April 2022

    The ILO joins forces with the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Indonesia to engage Indonesian mass media taking actions to advocate ILO’s Convention No. 190 on Violence and Harassment.

  12. Indonesia supports gender-responsive protection for its migrant workers

    05 April 2022

    Together with the Ministry of Manpower and the Migrant Workers Network, the joint ILO-UN Women Safe and Fair programme launched gender-responsive guideline and procedure to promote safe and fair migration for all.

  13. Engaging Indonesian mass media to advocate ILO’s Violence and Harassment Convention

    01 April 2022

    A series of media engagement activities, jointly conducted by the ILO and the Alliance of Independent Journalist (AJI) Indonesia, encourage a greater involvement of mass media in a global and national campaign on the ratification of ILO’s Violence and Harassment Convention.

  14. The United Kingdom ratifies the Violence and Harassment Convention

    07 March 2022

    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland becomes the 11th country in the world, and the 3rd country in Europe, to ratify Convention No. 190.

  15. © Ercin Erturk/AFP/Europress 2022

    Workplaces should be free from abuse: Albania third in Europe to ratify ILO Convention No. 190 on Eliminating Violence and Harassment in the world of work

    23 February 2022

    On 3rd February 2022, the Parliament of Albania unanimously ratified the ILO Convention No. 190 on “Eliminating Violence and Harassment in the World of Work”. The ratification is an important step for the country where violence against women is very high.

  16. Panel discussion on women’s empowerment in the world of work in fragile settings

    The event was an opportunity to launch the ILO Guide “Gender equality and women’s empowerment in the world of work in fragile, conflict and disaster settings” and to engage in a global conversation with constituents, partner organizations and other stakeholders in the Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus on how best to effectively mainstream gender equality and non-discrimination in the world of work faced by crisis and fragility in order to pave the way to more equal, peaceful and resilient societies.

  17. © Pathumporn Thongking/UN Women 2022

    New ILO/WHO guide urges greater safeguards to protect health workers

    21 February 2022

    The joint publication encourages countries to strengthen the protection of health workers by improving the management of occupational health and safety at national, sub-national and health facility levels.

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    Helping Women Workers Manage Cultural and Professional Barriers in Pakistan

    14 February 2022

    Female labour force participation in urban Pakistan is among the lowest in the world. In a new training, home-based women workers learn financial literacy, and perhaps most importantly, self-advocacy.

  19. OSH and COVID-19 for Indonesia’s traditional market vendors

    11 February 2022

    Meysha Fatmawati shared her inspirations and journey to produce the winning animation video about the promotion of occupational safety and health (OSH) for traditional market vendors. Her video beat more than 400 participating videos.

  20. The Integrated Gender Responsiveness-One Roof Services Office (LTSA-MRC) in Cirebon receives Indonesian Migrant Worker Award from the Ministry of Manpower

    21 December 2021

    The Integrated Gender Responsiveness-One-Roof Integrated Service (LTSA-MRC) in Cirebon district, supported by the joint ILO-UN Women Safe and Fair programme, is awarded by the Ministry of Manpower with Indonesian Migrant Worker Award.