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    Empowering entrepreneurs and freelancers to leverage digital economy opportunities in Kenya

    06 March 2024

    Through an intensive programme, ILO PROSPECTS Kenya rolled out training that supports entrepreneurs and freelancers to apply a new tool for business digitalization.

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    Digital economy

    Impact of digitalization on work in developing economies revealed by new ILO research

    28 February 2024

    While many see technology as a key part of the solution to contemporary development challenges, new research points to its limitations in promoting development and structural transformation.

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    Navigating the future: Insights from Kenya's envisioning event on digital policy

    27 February 2024

    The Community of Practice on Digital Skills and Jobs in Kenya convened to evaluate its strategic direction and chart the course for joint advocacy and a coordinated approach to driving an inclusive and productive digital transformation.

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    Tackling water woes: ILO’s vocational training success in Kenya

    21 February 2024

    With support from the Government and partners, ILO PROSPECTS introduced a skill development programme supporting maintenance of water sources and supply systems in a drought prone community of Garissa, Kenya. The first batch of trained Water System Operators graduated this week.

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    ILOSTAT blog

    Behind the mic: Exploring employment patterns in radio broadcasting

    12 February 2024

    Radio broadcasting is an industry with a rich history and valuable contribution to human connection, to the sharing of knowledge, information, and culture. On this World Radio Day, we take a deep dive into data derived from the ILO Harmonized Microdata Collection, to gain a better understanding of how trends are reshaping the employment landscape in this remarkable industry.

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    ILO forges alliance to unlock opportunities through digital innovation in Kenya

    08 February 2024

    The ILO PROSPECTS programme facilitated an agreement between Learning Lions and Humans in the Loop, creating pathways for young people from host and refugee communities in Kenya to access opportunities in the digital economy.

  7. Bridging digital divide

    ILO drives the inclusion of hosts and refugees in Ethiopia's digital economy

    02 February 2024

    The agreements signed between International Labour Organization and Ethiopian government authorities will promote employment and policy solutions for inclusion of hosts and refugees in country's expanding digital economy.

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    AI and occupational evaluation

    AI’s role in evaluating job prestige and value spotlighted by new ILO research

    02 February 2024

    The utility and accuracy of AI tools in evaluating a range of job occupations, in comparison to human assessments, has potential benefits such as efficiency, cost effectiveness and speed, but some obstacles need to be overcome.


  1. International Journal of Labour Research

    Workers’ organizations must play key role in developing effective and sustainable social contract

    15 December 2023

    The 2023 edition of the International Journal of Labour Research aims to stimulate reflection on what a new social contract might address and more specifically the role of workers’ organizations in engaging in this debate within the multilateral system and at national level.

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    Advancing Kenya's digital infrastructure: navigating challenges and embracing AI

    13 December 2023

    With the support of the ILO, the Community of Practice on Digital Skills and Jobs gathered to analyze the main obstacles to overcome infrastructural challenges and to find pathways to ensure fair and inclusive access to emerging AI technologies.