News and statements on labour migration

  1. Labour intensive approaches promote social cohesion among host communities and refugees in Sudan

    01 July 2022

    A series of training on the Employment Intensive Investment Programmes (EIIP) approach carried out by the ILO with construction work contractors in Sudan is showing promising results with host and refugee community members finding new employment opportunities, as well as access to improved public infrastructure.

  2. He is from Syria and I am from Iraq. But we work together like brothers

    20 June 2022

    ILO labour intensive programme brings communities together in Iraq.

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    Domestic workers need social protection too

    15 June 2022

    What motivates someone to advocate for workers’ rights? Meet Champa, head of a network of migrant domestic workers, who lives and works in Thailand.

  4. Protection of Migrant Workers Key to new Social Contract

    22 May 2022

    In statement to the first International Migration Review Forum, ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, emphasized need for a rights-based approach to labour migration.

  5. ILO body adopts new minimum monthly wage for seafarers

    18 May 2022

    An increase in minimum monthly wages has been agreed for the world’s seafarers.

  6. Education under fire: Vocational training and education in Ukraine during times of war−The example of Sumy region

    17 May 2022

    Since February 24, people in Ukraine have been living and working under the conditions of a full-scale war by the Russian Federation. One of the focus regions of ILO’s work on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) was the Sumy region in northeast Ukraine. As the invasion started TVET had to be completely suspended for two weeks and educators needed to rearrange the educational processes. Today, as Russia’s troops have completely left Sumy*, TVET teachers are rushing to catch-up with their classes and students. We talked to Natalia Samoilenko, director of the Methodological Center for TVET in Sumy region, about the war losses of vocational education and training, current educational processes, and prospects for vocational education during the war.

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    Nearly 5 million jobs have been lost in Ukraine since the start of the Russian aggression, says ILO

    11 May 2022

    Amid the humanitarian crisis sparked by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, labour markets are being disrupted both in the country and in neighbouring states.

  8. The International Migration Review Forum to take place from 17-20 May 2022

    10 May 2022

  9. ILO to release assessment of the impact of the conflict in Ukraine on the world of work

    06 May 2022

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    Tourism has potential to play a major role in global pandemic recovery

    06 May 2022

    With the right policies the tourism sector can play a major role in the global COVID-19 recovery, provided that an enabling environment for sustainable enterprises is established and the jobs created are decent and support social and economic progress.