Peru: Towards an economy with inclusive green growth

In Peru, project activities under the framework of PAGE aim to contribute to the development of policies and strategies to build a green economy with green jobs creation.

Since 2014, Peru has benefitted from PAGE (Partnership of Action on Green Economy) to help strengthen and mainstream the concept of green growth into its development policies. As a designated PAGE country, Peru will be supported through four components: i) applied research and knowledge creation; ii) policy dialogue with government officials and other important stakeholders; iii) capacity building, education and training; and iv) advisory services on green economy issues.

During the current initial phase of the initiative, a 2-day international seminar was held 28-29 April 2014 in Lima with national and international partners invited to discuss the country’s opportunities for creating an economy with green growth. This seminar culminated with the signing of the declaration “Towards an Economy with Green Growth” by the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion and the Ministry of Environment to officially launch PAGE nationally. Moreover, a capacity building workshop held in August engaged key stakeholders on the concepts, strategies and best practices in promoting green growth, green economy and green jobs.

Varioius studies have so far been conducted under the framework of PAGE: i) a scoping study on the Peruvian economy; ii) a green industry analysis; and iii) a specialized report on the trade union's proposals for a green economy in Peru. 

Moreover, a green economy quantitative assessment, including the green jobs dimension is being developed by the Centro de Investigación de la Universidad del Pacífico (CIUP) for five sectors: forestry, agriculture, mining, transport and tourism. This will help the government assess a set of green policies in strategic sectors of the economy and their implications on macroeconomic, social and environmental indicators.

Besides, key pilot demonstration projects are being identified and implemented to show the potential of green economy interventions amongst different sectors.

In order to raise awareness among the public opinion about green growth, PAGE launched the first national context for "green growth journalists", sponsored by a wide range of media, communication agencies, universities and institutions. 

With the overall objective to mainstream green jobs creation strategies into the existing programmes and new PAGE activities, the ILO has provided technical assistance to the Ministry of Labour and Employment Promotion to help design a national green jobs strategy. This strategy and the national green growth strategy, led by the Ministry of Environment with the support of PAGE, represent two key milestones in Peru's adhesion process in the OECD.

In June 2015, the Ministry of Transports and Communication and the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation officially formed part of PAGE, joining the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Production.