Green jobs activities in Asia

In the Asia and Pacific region, green jobs activities have been carried out in Bangladesh, China, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand mainly through the support of the Australian Government/ILO Partnership Agreement, the ILO/Japan Multi-bilateral Programme, the ILO/Korea Partnership Programme and PAGE. Activities in the region include:
  1. Philippines: Implementing Guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all

    Philippines is one of the three pilot countries for the application of the ILO policy framework “Guidelines for a just transition towards environmentally sustainable economies and societies for all” through the ILO Green Initiative.

  2. Pakistan: Green livelihoods of rural populations for climate resilience

    The ILO is promoting livelihood restoration, protection and the sustainable empowerment of vulnerable peasant communities in the Sindh Province.

  3. Mongolia: towards a Green Development Strategy

    Mongolia became the first country to join the PAGE initiative in 2013 with activities aimed to support the implementation of its national Green Development Strategy.

  4. Thailand-The Philippines: Green jobs in the hotel and automotive industry

    The Greener Business Asia project promoted capacity building and enhanced employer-worker cooperation to support greener workplaces and sustainable enterprises.

  5. Malaysia: Assessing green jobs potential and supporting skills development

    In Malaysia, the ILO assists in the conduction of a green jobs assessment in Malaysia to inform decision makers about policy options and their employment impacts to shift to a green economy.

  6. Indonesia: Green entrepreneurship promotion

    The ILO promotes green entrepreneurs in rural and urban Indonesia.

  7. Indonesia: Green livelihoods in response to climate change

    In Indonesia, the ILO supports the creation of sustainable livelihoods for local communities in the Central Kalimantan province.

  8. China: Skill development for green entrepreneurship

    Green jobs activities in China put a particular focus on green entrepreneurship training and skills development for green jobs.

  9. Bangladesh-Indonesia-Nepal-Sri Lanka-Philippines: Green jobs promotion

    The ILO project Green Jobs in Asia assisted five Asian countries in initiating the shift towards low-carbon, environmentally friendly and climate resilient economies.

  10. The Philippines: Climate change adaptation for vulnerable farming populations

    In cooperation with UN agencies and local and national partners, the ILO helped farming communities in the southern Philippines to become less vulnerable to climate change.

  11. India: Social dialogue for green jobs promotion

    Since 2009, the ILO is supporting green jobs initiatives in India with a particular focus on climate change and sectoral approaches for green jobs creation.

  12. Fiji: Green jobs in the waste management sector

    Capacity building and the promotion of occupational safety and health standards have led to the creation of green jobs in Fiji’s waste management sector.

Other ILO activities in the region

  1. ILO Regional Office

    Asia Pacific Green Jobs Network

  2. China, Indonesia, Vietnam

    Sustaining Competitive and Responsible Enterprises