The 27th Conference of the Parties of the UNFCC

ILO Just Transition Knowledge Hub: Ask your questions on line, follow practitioners debates at the COP27

The ILO’s Just Transition Knowledge Hub at the COP27 will boost knowledge sharing as well as exchanges between just transition practitioners and interested actors.

Noticia | 20 de octubre de 2022
Are you looking to maximizing the social opportunities or minimising the possible negative impacts of the transition to a green economy? Do you have specific questions about how to integrate a just transition lens into different actions, measures or policies? Are you interested to share expertise and lessons-learnt with just transition practitioners?

Organized within the COP27 Just Transition Pavilion, in collaboration with the European Commission, the International Labour Organization (ILO) provides a platform to discuss specific practices, policies and measures for a just transition.

Ask your questions on just transition

The platform, named Just Transition Knowledge Hub enables interested stakeholders to engage and ask their questions on just transition via an online questionnaire and hear the answers from ILO experts during online sessions which will be livestreamed as of 8 November 2022 from the COP27 Just Transition Pavilion in Sharm-El-Sheikh.

Debates with experts and practitioners

Exchanges between just transition practitioners with experience on a specific just transition issues and those in search for solutions will be organised throughout COP27 at the Just Transition Pavilion. The programme of sessions is available on line, updated regularly.