GAIN Webinar Series

GAIN Webinar 2: Employment costs and benefits of the just transition: greening the transport sector

This session analyses the Just Transition in the transport sector. The webinar provides both a conceptual overview of the linkages between the transport sector, employment, and the environment, and a practical insight by presenting the results and innovative methodology of Cambridge Econometrics’ report: Fuelling Europe’s Future (2018).

Date issued: 19 September 2018 | Size/duration: 01:13:12

Wednesday 19th September | 11 am – 12:15 am (CEST) 

Main learning outcomes:
  • The main linkages between green policies in the transport sector and employment.
  • The expected costs and benefits of greening the private transport sector in Europe.
  • Available methodologies to undertake economic analysis using complex data modelling techniques.
  • Alejandra Cruz Ross, Transport Officer,SECTOR Department, ILO.
  • Francesco Dionori, Chief of Transport Networks & Logistics Section Sustainable Transport Division, UNECE.
  • Richard Lewney, Chairman of Cambridge Econometrics.
  • Jon Stenning, Associate Director at Cambridge Econometrics, leading CE work in the area of Energy and Climate.