International Conference: Developing a Green Jobs Assessment Training Package

The second International Conference of the Green Jobs Assessment Institutions Network (GAIN) will bring experts from various relevant fields together to present and discuss draft training modules that will form a training package for green jobs assessments.

This 3-day event brings together GAIN members from 20 countries, with both policy and research backgrounds, to collaborate on a green jobs assessment training package.

This training package to be published at the end of 2015 will serve as a hands-on manual for relevant policymakers and researchers to help implement a just transition to a green economy by creating more and better jobs.

This training package will consist of: (i) an introductory module; (ii) a module on Input-Output models; and (iii) a module on (Dynamic) Social Accounting Matrices.

This second annual conference of GAIN will include panel discussions on experiences from experts using various green jobs assessment methods; presentation and review of the draft training modules; an interface with policy makers from economic development and finance, labour, and environment ministries; and a discussion on the way forward to deliver the training to GAIN members and other practitioners.