2. Bangladesh

    Following two deadly accidents at the Rana Plaza in 2013 and at the Tazreen factory in 2012, the GEIP has been working in Bangladesh to create of a national Employment Injury Insurance system, and to support the compensation of workers injured during those accidents.

    Employment Injury Insurance in Bangladesh
    ILO Country Office in Bangladesh

  3. India

    The GEIP provides technical advice to the Social Security reform, more specifically to the employment injury insurance parts of the Code on Social Security & Welfare.

    Key resource: India - Employment injury benefit under the Draft Labour Code on Social Security of India.
    ILO in India

  4. Malaysia

    The GEIP provides financial and actuarial assessment to the Social Security Organization of Malaysia (SOCSO), proposing alternatives strategies to maintain its financial stability.

    Key resource: Social Security Organization tenth actuarial valuation, as of 31 December 2014: Malaysia
    Dr. Azman Aziz, head of SOCSO - Coverage of self-employed workers in Malaysia
    ILO in Malaysia

  5. Pakistan

    The GEIP is organizing the improvement of the Sindh province Employment Injury Insurance Scheme, found wanting after the factory fire of Ali Enterprises in 2012. The GEIP also organize the framework for the distribution of benefits to the victims of the disaster.

    Employment Injury Insurance in Pakistan
    ILO Country Office in Pakistan

  6. Thailand

    The GEIP is conducting an actuarial valuation or the country Worker’s compensation Board.  

    ILO Country Office in Thailand


  8. Ethiopia

    The GEIP provides actuarial support to the Ethiopian employment injury insurance schemes, aiming at enhancing Social Protection for Sustainable Development, in case of work injury.
    The GEIP participates in an ILO integrated approach and in collaboration with Vision Zero Fund to extent coverage in Ethiopia and reduce fatal injuries and critical illness at work.

    ILO Country Office in Ethiopia

  9. Guinea

    The GEIP is conducting an actuarial valuation or the country Worker’s compensation Board.

    ILO in Guinea (FR)

  10. Kenya

    The GEIP is providing legal review in the transition of Kenya work injury policy from an Employer Liability system to an Employment Injury Insurance Scheme.  

    ILO in Kenya

  11. Liberia

    The GEIP is assessing the current situation of the Employment injury coverage in Liberia, identifying legislative, administrative and financial issues facing the system, and making recommendations based on the assessments for improvements. The main goal of this assessment is to extend employment injury coverage to all workers in Liberia.

    ILO in Liberia

  12. Malawi

    The GEIP is reviewing the institutional framework of the current EII law (2000) to implement and set up an institution to replace  Employer-liability system (1946) which is in accordance with the Employment Injury Benefits Convention C-121. The GEIP also works on the integration of prevention and rehabilitation issues into this new framework.

    ILO in Malawi

  13. Tanzania

    The GEIP is supporting the 2016-created Workers’ Compensation Fund with the training of its staff in occupational injury assessment, financing system, actuarial review and institutional training, so as to strengthen the EII schemes and their institutions. The GEIP also assess the financial sustainability of the Fund and the adequacy of its schemes.

    In November 2017, the GEIP received an award from the Minister of State as a recognition for its contribution on establishing the Workers' Compensation Fund of Tanzania.
    ILO Country Office for the United Republic of Tanzania 

  14. Zanzibar (Tanzania)

    The GEIP is providing legal review to the Employment Injury Insurance scheme.  

  15. Zambia

    The GEIP is conducting an actuarial valuation of the country Worker’s compensation Board.

    ILO Country Office in Zambia


  17. Trinidad and Tobago

    The GEIP is conducting an actuarial valuation of the country EII scheme. 

    ILO in Trinidad and Tobago


  19. Jordan

    The GEIP is conducting an actuarial valuation of the country EII scheme.

    ILO in Jordan

  20. Gulf States

    The GEIP is assessing the feasibility of employment injury insurance schemes, particularly the employment injury protection for migrant workers.

    ILO in the Arab States