International Conference on Labour Exploitation in the Fishing Sector in the Atlantic Region

The objective of the Conference

On 25-26 November 2015, the ILO convened, in Olso, Norway, an international conference to discuss good practices and innovative interventions to tackle labour exploitation in the fishing sector, and to explore the responsibilities of flag States, coastal States, port States and fishers’ national States.

See the Conference Agenda.

The main results of the Conference

The conference brought together experts from around the world to facilitate cross-fertilization. Read the full summary of the conference discussions.

The conference was also an opportunity to provide input for the finalization of an ILO report presenting interventions from around the world aimed at improving labour conditions and protecting vulnerable workers in the sector. The title of the report is “Fishers first: Good practices to end labour exploitation at sea”.

The results of the conference also helped to consolidate the ILO Global Programme against forced labour and trafficking of fishers at sea (GAPfish) under development.


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