Resources on Emergency Employment

  1. Flyer: Panel discussion at the Geneva Peace Week 2018: Jobs for Peace and Resilience

    05 November 2018

  2. Building decent work for all

    15 October 2018

    Digging in the construction value chain of Mozambique to build more green enterprises and empower women through job creation

  3. Building decent work for all

    15 October 2018

  4. Social Safeguards Framework for rural road works

    13 July 2018

    This Social Safeguards Framework (SSF) for the R4D Program has been designed to guide the implementation of inclusive and rights-based practices in rural road programs in Timor-Leste, and to prevent and mitigate their possible negative social impacts.

  5. Flyer: JPR Flagship Progamme

    30 May 2018

    This flyer provides detailed information about the JPR flagship programme.

  6. Basic safety and health guidelines for rural road works

    23 May 2018

    Provides the opportunity for all stakeholders to demonstrate good practices related to the compliance and enforcement of the national occupational health and safety in rural road works.

  7. Community contracting initiatives in calamity-prone areas: A practical guide

    12 April 2018

    Climate change adaptation and crisis response

  8. Report on Kinofelis Training Workshops for Municipalities

    26 March 2018

  9. Getting back to work: A study of the social impacts of Kinofelis Development

    26 March 2018

  10. Towards a stronger Kinofelis: Recommendations for the strengthening of future phases

    26 March 2018