Resources on Emergency Employment

  1. Project Brief: Roads for Development program (R4D)

    01 March 2012

    Combining Capacity Building with the Delivery of Capital Investments in Rural Road Works

  2. Agricultural Sector Rehabilitation Project

    22 December 2010

  3. Contracting Local Infrastructure Works

    01 January 2009

  4. Local Economic Development and Employment Intensive Investments

    20 October 2008

  5. Employment Creation in Urban Areas (phase 2)

    20 October 2008

    Development of a generic guide on integrated local development strategies for urban poor and pilot action programmes in partnership with local administrations in the Asia Pacific Region

  6. Presentation on Programme to prevent natural disasters by environmental protection and employment creation in the Gonaives Region

    01 January 2007

    Demonstrating GREEN JOBS!

  7. Working out of disaster: improving employment and livelihood in countries affected by the Tsunami

    01 January 2005

    A historical and photographic record of the people affected by the 2004 tsunami in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India and Thailand. Captures the extent of the disaster. Reviewing crisis responses and what can be learnt from actions undertaken.

  8. Gender in crisis response : a guide to the Gender-Poverty-Employment Link

    01 November 2003

  9. ASIST Bulletin No. 14

    01 September 2002

    Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The theme of this issue is 'Mainstreaming employment-intensive investment strategies in infrastructure development'

  10. Employment intensive reconstruction works in countries emerging from armed conflicts : guidelines

    01 January 2001

    Provides guidance on the rehabilitation and development of the physical, economic, social and institutional infrastructure damaged during armed conflicts and the re-integration of conflict-affected groups through employment creation