Employment-Intensive Investment in


Activities of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Ecuador

Current Involvement 

The ILO participated in a post-disaster needs assessment, together with the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme), in the aftermath of the earthquake that hit Ecuador in April 2016. A team of professionals was appointed to estimate the recovery needs of affected populations. In this context, the ILO conducted a post-earthquake impact assessment on employment and poverty and developed proposals for employment-recovery policies, livelihoods and social protection.

One of the specific objectives of this project is to develop the supply and improve the quality of business development services through the implementation of IMESUN (Start and Improve Your Business) and IMESUNCO (Start and Improve Yournstruction business). Both of them, the Which constitute training and technical assistance programs foofr the OlTILO for entrepreneurship and business management of the MlPYMEmicro, small and medium enterprise

Historical Information 

From 1998 to 2003, the Lima Sub-regional Office of the ILO carried out a project on promoting employment intensive technologies in public investments in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador with funding from the ILO/DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency) agreement. The project concentrated initially on promoting the Employment Intensive Investment Programme (EIIP) concept and familiarizing potential counterparts in the three countries.

In Ecuador, the project carried out an investigation on the system of public tenders, including its procedures in various organizations and associated constraints small enterprises face to get access to public contracts. The report was disseminated to representatives of various local and international organizations involved in the matter, with the idea to generate a wide debate on the subject.

The ILO also signed an agreement with the Ministry of Labour and the Local Council’s Consortium, CONCOPE (Consorcio de Consejos Provinciales del Ecuador), to develop pilot projects of roads maintenance in the provinces of Azuay and El Oro. The model was successfully adopted, especially in the province of Azuay.

Further Reading

• Politicas de contratación pública y modalidades de organización legal en Perú, Bolivia y Ecuador - Acceso de las micro y pequeñas empresas a los contratos públicos para obras y servicios- José Yeng y Serge Cartier van Dissel, Oficina Subregional de la OIT para los Países Andinos, Lima, 2003 - PDF 264 Kb