Employment-Intensive Investment in

Burkina Faso

Activities of the Employment Intensive Investment Programme in Burkina Faso

Historical Information

In the 1980’s, the ILO functioned in Burkina Faso as an executing agency for labour-based rural and urban infrastructure programmes, including a major rural sector "Special Public Works Programme". During the 1990's, while still involved in labour-based infrastructure, the engagement of the ILO evolved towards demonstration activities in new fields (urban infrastructure, street paving, rural access roads, access road construction, etc.). The ILO has also been involved in an urban upgrading project in the secondary town of Kaya. This project includes involvement in erosion control, drainage, market rehabilitation and street paving using small contractors and labour-intensive methods. The ILO has developed a programme proposal which would be impacted by introducing employment and social protection concerns into major World Bank intensive programmes, including the Third Urban Project and Transport Sector Project (the rural roads component). This proposal remains relevant and could possibly be harmonized with the development of a proposed Social Development Fund.