Proyectos sobre el trabajo infantil


  1. T4DW

    Projet Trade For Decent Work

    1 enero 2021 - 31 diciembre 2022, Côte d'Ivoire - Abidjan

    Améliorer l'application des conventions fondamentales de l'OIT et le respect des obligations de faire rapport aux organes de contrôle.

  2. Projet Trade for Decent Work (T4DW)

    Renforcer l’application des Conventions Fondamentales de l’OIT

    1 enero 2021 - 30 diciembre 2022,

  3. ACCEL Africa Project

    Accelerating action for the elimination of child labour in supply chains in Africa (ACCEL Africa)

    15 noviembre 2018 - 15 noviembre 2022, Budget: EUR 23,500,000 - RAF/18/08/NLD

  4. Proyecto

    From Research to Action Project

    1 agosto 2018 - 31 agosto 2022, Budget: US$ 3,360,000 - GLO/18/20/USA


  1. Proyecto

    Trade for Decent Work Project - Ghana

    1 febrero - 30 diciembre 2021, Ghana

    The Ghana project is aims at improving the application of the ILO Fundamental Conventions as well as compliance with reporting obligations to the ILO supervisory bodies, in particular regarding child labour and the worst forms of child labour, in sectors with high incidence such as the cocoa sector, and related conventions contributing to decent work in those sectors and connected activities in the local and global value chains such as all services and transport.

  2. Proyecto

    Measurement, Awareness Raising, and Policy Engagement (MAP16) Project

    1 marzo 2020 - 30 septiembre 2021,

    The project contributes to the promotion of decent work in Sri Lanka by supporting prevention measures and addressing child labour and its worst forms through new, fit for purpose, targeted approaches.

  3. Proyecto

    Third Party Monitoring on Child and Forced Labour in Uzbekistan

    1 abril 2015 - 30 septiembre 2021, Budget: US$ 7,203,798 - UZB/15/02/WBG

    The ILO has cooperated with the Government and social partners of Uzbekistan on child and forced labour since 2013. The parties agreed to an ILO monitoring on child labour in cotton harvest during September - October 2013. In addition, Uzbek constituents and the ILO initiated cooperation on the application of Convention No. 105. The following year, in 2014, monitoring of child labour was undertaken by national teams, while discussions with the ILO on forced labour issues continued. Both items were included in the Decent Work Country Programme signed in April 2014.

  4. Bridge Project (Malaysia component)

    From Protocol to Practice: A Bridge to Global Action on Forced Labour

    1 junio 2017 - 2 septiembre 2021,

  5. Proyecto

    Sustainable Investments in African Agriculture

    1 julio 2012 - 14 julio 2021,


  1. Projet SAVABE

    Soutenir les Acteurs de la VAnille au Bénéfice des Enfants dans la région SAVA

    1 noviembre 2016 - 31 julio 2020,