Global Wage Report 2020-21

The Global Wage Report 2020-21 looks at recent trends in wages, the global economic and labour market context, and the impact that the pandemic has had on wages. The report also includes a number of policy recommendations to mitigate the negative impact of the crisis.

  1. COVID-19 drives wages down, new ILO report finds

    Even before the COVID pandemic hit, hundreds of millions of workers worldwide were being paid less than the minimum wage.

Key findings

  1. ILO Director-General interview

    Minimum wages need to play an important role in the COVID-19 recovery process

  2. InfoStory

    What have been the pandemic’s impacts on workers’ wages? Explore the main findings of the report.

  3. Video

    Minimum wages are key for a human-centred recovery from COVID-19

  4. Infostory chart

    Impact of COVID-19 on wages per country