Events and courses

April 2024

  1. Book presentation

    Social Justice Through the Lens of ILO History: New Insights for Turbulent Times?

    The new publication 'Mondialisation et justice sociale' examines the ILO's century-long advocacy for social justice, addressing issues from decolonization to corporate influence through diverse academic perspectives.

  2. From Theory to Practice Webinar

    Labour market enforcement in the UK: Reflections, lessons and the way forward

    ILO webinar exploring UK labour compliance evolution, including the DLME's role and impact, underpinning theory, and practical enforcement outcomes.

  3. ILO-ILERA Seminar

    ILO-ILERA Seminar: Researching work in and after the pandemic

    This webinar will bring together a series of illuminating presentations by renowned experts, each focusing on different facets of the labour market's evolution in response to the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic.

  4. Research Seminar

    AI Labor Disclosure Initiative: Recognizing the social cost of human labour behind automation

    Exploring the push for transparency with the AI Labor Disclosure Initiative (AILDI), revealing the human workforce behind AI and advocating for digital labor disclosure for informed policies, investments, and ethical AI development.

  5. Knowledge Exchange Seminar

    Workplace Gender-based Violence and Harassment in Cambodia’s Construction Sector

    Exploring gender-based violence and harassment in construction: analyzing experiences, responses, and lessons from a survey and interviews in cement factories and construction sites.

March 2024

  1. AI for Good Webinar

    Generative AI and Jobs: A global analysis of potential effects on job quantity and quality

    The ILO's "AI & Work" webinar, part of the AI for Good initiative, analyzes Generative AI's impact on jobs, indicating high automation risks for clerical roles and transformations in higher-tier jobs, with a focus on global and demographic effects and policy discussions, plus a networking event.

  2. Research Seminar

    Human-Centered Economics: The Living Standards of Nations

    Join us for a conversation with Richard Samans, the ILO’s Director of Research and G20 Finance Deputy, to dive into the arguments and implications of his new book

February 2024

  1. Research Seminar

    Behind the AI Curtain: The Invisible Workers Powering AI Development

    A seminar unveiling the unseen human labour and ethical challenges in AI development, emphasizing the role of invisible workers and advocating for equitable and ethical practices through ILO's guidance.

  2. Research Seminar

    The Civil Rights Question of our time: How companies use AI to hire, surveil and fire workers and what organized labour can do to fight back

    Emmy-award winning journalist Hilke Schellmann discusses the pitfalls of AI in hiring and strategies for organized labour to counteract them.

January 2024

  1. High-level conference

    Conference on Preventing and Addressing Violence and Harassment in the World of Work through Occupational Safety and Health

    This event aims to disseminate the research findings and foster discussion among government representatives, social partners, and other stakeholders on benefits, challenges and gaps of addressing and preventing violence and harassment through OSH frameworks.