Internal Strategy and Planning Meeting

Internal Strategy and Planning Meeting in Cairo (27-31 January 2020)

As part of the programming process under the PROSPECTS Partnership, the Internal Strategy Workshop held in Cairo, Egypt on 27-31 January 2020 focused on lessons learned, shared experiences across programme countries and technical specialists as well as planning for the transition from the exploratory phase to the development of multi-annual programmes. The workshop contributed to ILOโ€™s engagement to the development of multi-annual programmes.

This workshop was designed to tackle the robust and complex strategic workshop goals and objectives in a novel way. Participants engaged in a multitude of collaborative work sessions, allowing them to get a better understanding of the PROSPECTS programme as a whole as well of the implications for them on local and regional level.

Its main goal was to serve as a foundational platform for multi-year programme development. Alongside the country programme tams, technical specialists actively participated in the workshop. The connexions created during the workshop between them during the workshop not only strengthened the programme teams, it also set the pace and the foundation for better technical knowledge sharing and stronger multi-year programme development.

The workshop paid attention to both the big picture, such as the relationships with the other PROSPECTS partners on global and regional level and the relationship within ILO.

Objectives of the meeting:

  • Strengthening internal communications and coordination across countries, decent work teams and technical branches;
  • Sharing of country-level experiences
  • Finalising work plans and timelines for Year 1
  • Preparing for the transition from Call for Funds to the development of Multi-Annual Country Programmes (MACP)
  • Developing a shared knowledge management platform, indicators, M&E processes, reporting and online community of practice
  • Ensuring the visibility of the Programme and aligning communication and advocacy efforts
  • Establishing shared next steps, priorities, roles and responsibilities.

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