The second highest share of refugees per capita in the world

Jordan is facing a historic forced displacement crisis and as the crisis extends into the next decade, the country is at an inflection point, given the scope, scale and protracted nature of the displacement.

As of January 2020, Jordan hosts over 745,000 refugees, including over 655,000 Syrians and almost 100,000 other nationalities. Children represent a little over half of the refugee community. In real terms, this means that refugees constitute almost 7 percent of Jordan’s population, making the Kingdom one of the top refugee hosting country per capita worldwide.

Whilst Jordan’s economic situation predated the Syrian crisis the impact of the forced displacement crisis in country has worsened them. The IMF has estimated that Jordan’s economy lost one percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) each year of the crisis due to investment and export losses . Syrian and Jordanian households across the Kingdom continue to live in highly vulnerable conditions with all communities competing for access to basic needs, infrastructure and employment opportunities.

Through PROSPECTS, the five partners aim to leverage their comparative advantages and areas of expertise to programme complementary and interdependent interventions around three key thematic areas: employment, education and protection. Through an in-depth theory of change process, the combined efforts of the organizations will endeavor to bolster the medium- and longer-term development goals in line with Jordan’s national plans. Integrated into the joint programme are key learning questions that will identify and support future planning, leading to longer-term sustainable outcomes and their related results.