Past events

February 2024

  1. Just Transition Finance: Pathways for banking and insurance

    29 February 2024

    During this webinar, speakers will present key recommendations from the report 'Just Transition Finance: Pathways for Banking and Insurance', highlight examples of what pioneering banks and insurance companies are already doing, and discuss the challenges and the way forward towards a just transition. Attendees will also have the opportunity to share feedback and ask questions about the report.

  2. Behind the AI Curtain: The Invisible Workers Powering AI Development

    29 February 2024

    A seminar unveiling the unseen human labour and ethical challenges in AI development, emphasizing the role of invisible workers and advocating for equitable and ethical practices through ILO's guidance.

  3. © Rod Waddington 2024

    Achieving SDG Target 8.7: Research to action on child labour and forced labour

    28 February 2024

    Save the date to join us in this critical discussion on achieving SDG Target 8.7 through the transformative power of research and informed action.

  4. Second Meeting of the Joint ILO–IMO Tripartite Working Group to Identify and Address Seafarers’ Issues and the Human Element

    27 - 29 February 2024

  5. © ILO 2024

    Social Justice: The African Youth Challenge

    23 February 2024

    With half the population of Africa aged 19 or under, and a quarter of the world's people expected to be living on the continent by 2050, social justice cannot be achieved globally if it is not first realized for the youth in Africa. This World Day of Social Justice, ILO Africa brings together representatives from the international development community to hear from the youth on what they say they need to realize their dreams, and discover their solutions to Africa's social injustices.

  6. Promoting digital wage payments in the Cambodian garment sector

    20 February 2024

  7. © filadendron 2024

    World Day of Social Justice

    20 February 2024

  8. Meeting of experts on wage policies, including living wages

    19 - 23 February 2024

  9. © Ramasomanana / UNICEF 2024

    The transformative potential of expanding child benefits coverage to eliminate child poverty

    14 February 2024

  10. The Civil Rights Question of our time: How companies use AI to hire, surveil and fire workers and what organized labour can do to fight back

    14 February 2024

    Emmy-award winning journalist Hilke Schellmann discusses the pitfalls of AI in hiring and strategies for organized labour to counteract them.