Transport equipment manufacturing sector

Transport equipment manufacturing includes the manufacture of aircraft and other aerospace equipment, railroad equipment, motor vehicles and auto parts, motorcycles and bicycles, as well as the building, repairing and breaking of ships.

The automotive industry

The global production of passenger cars grew in 2014 by nearly 3 per cent. Increasing automation in the auto industry is transforming the skills profile of workers. Furthermore, emerging technologies such as electric cars and net based applications are reshaping the transport equipment manufacturing sector. For some people using a car has become more important than actually owning a car, and in response, new business models such as car sharing are being developed. Finally, environmental regulations and increasing demand for alternative mobility concepts are moving manufacturers to further adapt and innovate.


The shipbuilding industry is competitive and pro-cyclical, and it has significant economic, social and environmental dimensions. Production is concentrated in Asia. On 22-26 January 2018, the ILO convened a tripartite Meeting of Experts where representatives of 31 governments and the social partners from around the world adopted a new Code of Practice on Safety and Health in Shipbuilding and Ship Repair.


Owing to it being a counter-cyclical industry, shipbreaking was booming during the economic crisis. This industry is concentrated in South Asia, China and Turkey. Despite some progress made, shipbreaking is still considered as one of the most dangerous occupations.