Statements and speeches

July 2020

  1. Statement

    ILO's statement at the IUCN launch of the Global Standard for Nature-based Solutions

    27 July 2020

  2. Statement

    Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Outcome of the International Maritime Virtual Summit on Crew Changes organized by the United Kingdom

    16 July 2020

    With hundreds of thousands of seafarers stranded at sea due to the pandemic, a new international agreement recognizes them as key workers who should be protected.

  3. Statement by the United Nations Network on Migration

    Standing in Solidarity with Migrants: Supporting Civil Society and other Stakeholders in Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    08 July 2020

    ILO joins the UN Network on Migration calling for increased recognition for the work of workers and employers’ organizations, civil society and other actors, who are playing a key role in protecting migrant workers and those rendered most vulnerable by the pandemic and responses to it. ​

  4. © SEWA Cooperative Federation 2020

    International Day of Cooperatives

    Cooperatives play an active role in tackling global crises, says ILO Director-General

    03 July 2020

    By adhering to environmental standards and promoting local production, consumer and producer cooperatives can help limit greenhouse gas emissions and sustain supply chains for essential goods and services, says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder, on the International Day of Cooperatives 2020.

June 2020

  1. Syria: IV Brussels Conference

    Statement by the ILO Director-General to the Brussels IV Conference supporting Syria and the region

    30 June 2020

    “Let us focus on building back better with a human-centred approach with and for refugees and their host communities,” ILO Director-General Guy Ryder has said to the Brussels IV Conference on supporting the future of Syria and the region, convened by the EU.

  2. Global Deal Conference

    Social dialogue essential to any effective response to the pandemic says ILO Director-General

    26 June 2020

    Giving communities a greater voice in their own affairs enables compromises on difficult issues, says ILO Director-General Guy Ryder’s at the Global Deal Conference on “Social Dialogue and the SDGs in the times of the COVID-19 Pandemic”

  3. Virtual Oceans Dialogue of the World Economic Forum

    Include the ocean economy in the response to COVID-19

    08 June 2020

    More international cooperation is needed to help the seafaring sector, said ILO Director-General, Guy Ryder, at the Virtual Oceans Dialogue of the World Economic Forum.

  4. Statement by the United Nations Network on Migration

    UN Network on Migration statement - The COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity to reimagine human mobility

    03 June 2020

    The UN Network on Migration in a joint statement calls to act upon the recommendations of the SG policy brief and to do so while implementing the Global Compact on Migration (GCM) which provides practical solutions supported by states commitments and multilateral cooperation and recognises the need to ensure that migrants can effectively contribute to their countries of destination and be compensated for such efforts without discrimination.

  5. Policy Brief

    SG Policy Brief: COVID-19 and People on the Move

    03 June 2020

    Migrant workers, with precarious livelihoods, in irregular situations, or those working in the informal economy and excluded from social protection measures, are harshly affected by the Covid-19 crisis. While providing for essential workforce during the pandemic, women migrant workers remain at the heightened risk of gender-based violence and continue carrying the majority of the burden of both paid and unpaid domestic and care work. The SG Policy Brief on COVID-19 and People on the Move highlights opportunities for countries to ‘recover better’ including through socioeconomic inclusion and decent work for people on the move, and the provision of avenues for regular migration.

April 2020

  1. Statement

    Obituary – Norbert Blüm

    30 April 2020