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  1. ILO Recommendation 193 one year after: The revival of the cooperative idea

    23 July 2003

    This June marked the first anniversary of the ILO's initiative to encourage the idea of cooperative business.

  2. Labour-sponsored investment funds: more jobs, more money and job security

    11 July 2003

    Over 20 years ago, the economy of the Canadian province of Quebec was mired in deep recession, brought on by an international economic downturn and souring relations between the provincial government and labour.

  3. Job stability in industrialized countries remains surprisingly strong

    08 July 2003

    ILO study sees labour markets less volatile than generally assumed

  4. New HIV/AIDS initiative: growing solidarity in the world of work

    08 July 2003

    With an estimated 25 million or more workers infected with HIV, finding ways to help them and their employers deal with the consequences of the epidemic is a top priority. Top managers, employers' and workers' representatives and other stakeholders met recently at the ILO under the auspices of the UN Global Compact, to discuss action at the workplace to tackle the challenges posed by HIV/AIDS.

  5. UN Convention on migrant workers rights enters into force

    02 July 2003

    GENEVA (ILO Online) – In a major development aimed at improving the lives of the world's vast mobile workforce, the UN International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families enters into force on today (1 July).

  6. In today's world, journalists face greater dangers

    01 June 2003

    Embedded, but not immune: along with today’s faster pace of war and conflict, comes faster news - and sometimes, faster injury and death. Lee Woodyear, a former Human Rights Officer for the International Federation of Journalists and a freelance journalist, examines how bringing today’s news into living rooms and computer screens gets ever more dangerous, and what some organizations are doing about it

  7. ILO: Work hazards kill millions, cost billions

    01 June 2003

    Workers, employers and governments are marking the World Day for Safety and Health at Work. In a new report, the ILO says the annual cost to the global economy is a staggering 1.25 thousand billion (trillion). This report outlines the occupational safety and health crisis and explains how it can be dealt with.

  8. IT outsourcing goes global

    01 June 2003

    Many information technology jobs have been shifted to lower-cost countries, and may soon migrate onwards to regions offering even cheaper labour. Journalist Andrew Bibby examines how, for the first time, white-collar staff are among those affected by job exports

  9. ILO: Workplace discrimination, a picture of hope and concern

    01 June 2003

    A new ILO report on discrimination at work - the most comprehensive to date - says workplace discrimination remains a persistent global problem, with new, more subtle forms emerging. While significant progress in combatting inequalities at the workplace is cause for hope, the report says new forms of discrimination are cause for growing concern.

  10. World Day Agaisnt child Labour 2003

    01 June 2003

    Child trafficking is one of the worst forms of child labour. Affecting 1.2 million children worldwide, child trafficking is the movement of children from place to place - through force, coercion or deception - into situations involving their economic and sexual exploitation. It is a crime under international law. Worldwide, the World Day Against Child Labour is bringing new attention to the campaign against child trafficking