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August 2006

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    IFC and ILO team up to improve working conditions in global supply chains

    25 August 2006

    The International Finance Corporation, the private arm of the World Bank, and the International Labour Organization agreed on Monday, August 21, 2006, to collaborate in developing a global programme for better labour standards in global supply chains.

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    14th Asian Regional Meeting, Busan, Republic of Korea (29 August - 1 September) Improved working conditions create a win-win story in Asia's factories

    24 August 2006

    Asia's ability to sustain its impressive economic growth and competitive edge will depend greatly on the ability of governments and companies to ensure the benefits are shared by employers, the workforce and the wider population. This is the conclusion of a new report ( Note 1) on the region's economic and social trends, prepared for the Asian Regional Meeting of the International Labour Organization. ILO Online reports on one new approach which, by linking productivity with improved working conditions, is ensuring that the benefits of globalization are felt from the shop floor to the boardroom.

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    14th Asian Regional Meeting, Busan, Republic of Korea (29 August - 1 September) Workers on the move in Asia

    24 August 2006

    In recent years, almost three million workers in Asia have left their homes each year to work abroad, according to a new report for the ILO's Asian Regional Meeting. While the growing mobility has benefited sending and receiving countries as well as the migrant workers themselves, migration also poses enormous challenges for states of the region. Many still have to develop policies and programmes for regulating cross-border movements, protecting the basic rights of migrants, including those in an irregular status, and adjusting to the external shocks that globalizing labour markets often bring.

July 2006

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    ILO launches child labour web movie

    17 July 2006

    The International Labour Office (ILO) has launched a new Web movie (in 12 languages) featuring the plight of more than 200 million child labourers worldwide, but also signs of hope showing that the end of child labour is within our reach. The ILO is committed to helping countries lift all children out of the worst forms of child labour by 2016.

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    International Microfinance Training opts for Turin (Italy) as world capital

    14 July 2006

    Over 260 international microfinance experts will meet in Turin (17 July - 4 August) for the 3-week programme "Boulder Microfinance Training", the most prestigious microfinance training event in the world, which has been hosted since the International Year of Microcredit 2005 by the International Training of the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Turin, Italy.

June 2006

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    Europe takes steps to combat trafficking for forced labour

    27 June 2006

    Global alliance required to halt the trafficking of 2.4 million people worldwide.

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    ILO to receive support in cash and kind for promotion of safety and health in the workplace
    Düsseldorf Trade Fair and Federal Association for Occupational Safety and Health will fund international conferences on safety and health at work

    15 June 2006

    Some 2.2 million people die each year through work-related accidents and diseases, according to ILO statistics. This figure alone illustrates the importance of improved safety and health conditions in the workplace.

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    95th session of the International Labour Conference, 2006
    The end of child labour: Together we can do it

    09 June 2006

    This year's International Labour Conference will also focus on global activities against child labour. On 9 June, the Conference Plenary will discuss the ILO's new Global Report on child labour, including a special event highlighting the progress made in eliminating child labour in countries like Brazil, Tanzania and Turkey.

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    New ILO-Russia Programme of Cooperation defines priorities for 2006-2009

    06 June 2006

    The Russian tripartite delegation to the annual Conference of International Labour Organization and ILO Director-General Juan Somavia today signed a Programme of Cooperation between Russia and the ILO for the years 2006-2009.

May 2006

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    Dutch government supports Decent Work Country Programmes

    30 May 2006

    The Government of the Netherlands will provide 38.5 million dollars to support the launch of the ILO Decent Work Country Programme strategy over the next four years.