Decision on the third item on the agenda: Matters arising out of the work of the 96th Session (2007) of the International Labour Conference

Record of decisions | 20 December 2007

Follow-up to the adoption of the Work in Fishing Convention and Recommendation and related Conference resolutions

The Governing Body requested the Director-General to:

(i) take all the necessary measures for the promotion of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 (No. 188), and its accompanying Recommendation, 2007, in accordance with the resolutions adopted by the 96th Session (June 2007) of the International Labour Conference, as referred to in paragraphs 5 and 6 of the document, taking into account the resources available for the promotion of international labour standards as well as for sectoral activities under the regular budget and any voluntary contributions that can be obtained from extra-budgetary donors;

(ii) make concrete proposals in due course to the Governing Body, with regard to the implementation of those resolutions as well as of the other resolutions reproduced in the appendix of the document.

(GB.300/3/1, paragraph 9.)