Independent evaluation of the ILO's strategy to address HIV and AIDS and the world of work (Volume 1 of 2)

The independent evaluation is based on the analysis of key reports and programme documentation, a portfolio review organized by country, project documentation, and interviews with ILO staff, constituents and United Nations (UN) system colleagues.

The evaluation questions are as follows: 1. To what extent is the design of the ILO strategy relevant to the global policy dialogue and the situation facing member States’ governments, social partners, and those in the world of work lacking adequate policies and programmes to effectively address HIV and AIDS? 2. To what extent have the ILO’s strategy design and implementation been effective? 3. To what extent has the ILO’s strategy been coherent, complementary and created synergies internally and with partners? 4. To what extent have resources been used efficiently, and has the programme been appropriately and adequately resourced? 5. To what extent have ILO actions had impact in the form of contributing to policy improvements, changes in thinking and significant progress to work towards addressing HIV in the world of work? 6. Have ILO interventions been designed and implemented in ways that have maximized sustainability at country level?