October–November 2022

Institutional Section (INS)

Agenda and documents

  1. 1

    Approval of the minutes of the 344th and 345th Sessions of the Governing Body (GB.346/INS/1)


  2. 2

    Agenda of future sessions of the International Labour Conference (GB.346/INS/2)


  3. 3

    Matters arising out of the work of the 110th Session (2022) of the International Labour Conference

  4. 4

    Follow-up to the resolution concerning skills and lifelong learning adopted by the International Labour Conference at its 109th Session (2021): The ILO strategy on skills and lifelong learning for 2022–30 (GB.346/INS/4)


  5. 5

    Follow-up to the resolution concerning inequalities and the world of work (2021): Comprehensive and integrated ILO strategy to reduce and prevent inequalities in the world of work (GB.346/INS/5)


  6. 6

    Follow-up to the resolution concerning decent work in global supply chains (2016): Report of the tripartite working group on options for ensuring decent work in supply chains (GB.346/INS/6(Rev.1))


  7. 7

    Report on the implementation of the ILO disability inclusion policy and strategy (2020–23)

    This document is submitted for information as GB.346/INS/INF/5.

  8. 8

    Update on the United Nations reform (GB.346/INS/8)


  9. 9

    Promoting productivity ecosystems for decent work (GB.346/INS/9)


  10. 10

    Annual report on the implementation of the ILO technical cooperation programme “Strengthening the National Tripartite Committee on Labour Relations and Freedom of Association in Guatemala for the effective application of international labour standards” (GB.346/INS/10)


  11. 11

    Report by the Government of Bangladesh on progress made on the implementation of the road map taken to address all outstanding issues mentioned in the article 26 complaint concerning alleged non-observance of Conventions Nos 81, 87 and 98 (GB.346/INS/11(Rev.2))


  12. 12

    Progress report on developments concerning the social dialogue forum set up to give effect to the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry with respect to the Government of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela (GB.346/INS/12(Rev.1))


  13. 13

    Consideration of any further measures, including those foreseen in the ILO Constitution, to secure compliance by the Government of Belarus with the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry (GB.346/INS/13(Rev.1))


  14. 14

    Report on developments relating to the resolution concerning the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine from the perspective of the mandate of the International Labour Organization (GB.346/INS/14)


  15. 15

    Report of the Committee on Freedom of Association (GB.346/INS/15)


  16. 16

    Report of the Board of the International Training Centre of the ILO (GB.346/INS/16)

  17. 17

    Report of the Director-General 

  18. 18

    Reports of the Officers of the Governing Body

  19. 19

    Composition, agenda and programme of standing bodies and meetings (GB.346/INS/19)