Decision concerning the documents submitted for information only

Record of decisions | 09 November 2022
The Governing Body took note of the information contained in the following documents:
  • Approved symposia, seminars, workshops and similar meetings (GB.346/INS/INF/1);
  • Report on the status of pending representations submitted under article 24 of the ILO Constitution (GB.346/INS/INF/2);
  • Final report on the implementation of the ILO programme of action on decent work in global supply chains 2017–21 (GB.346/INS/INF/3);
  • Update on the status of ratification of the 1986 Instrument for the Amendment of the Constitution of the ILO (GB.346/INS/INF/4);
  • Report on the implementation of the ILO disability inclusion policy and strategy (2020–23) (GB.346/INS/INF/5);
  • Improving the rules governing the process of appointment of the Director-General (GB.346/INS/INF/6);
  • Programme and Budget for 2022–23: Regular budget account and Working Capital Fund (GB.346/PFA/INF/1);
  • Overview of ILO accommodation (GB.346/PFA/INF/2).
(GB.346/INS/17/4, paragraph 3)