Decision on the programme, composition and agenda of standing bodies and meetings

Record of decisions | 09 June 2018

Meeting on cross-border social dialogue (Geneva, first quarter of 2019)

The Governing Body approved the holding of the meeting in the first quarter of 2019 with the agenda proposed in paragraph 4 of document GB.333/INS/9 and deferred to its 334th Session (October–November 2018) the decision on its composition.

(GB.333/INS/9, paragraph 7, as amended by the Governing Body.)

19th American Regional Meeting (Panama City, Panama, 2–5 October 2018)

The Governing Body, on the recommendation of its Officers, invited France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to be represented by a delegation of observers at the 19th American Regional Meeting.

(GB.333/INS/9, paragraph 9.)

Proposed invitations of intergovernmental organizations and international non-governmental organizations to official meetings

The Governing Body, on the recommendation of its Officers, authorized the Director-General to invite the organizations mentioned in paragraph 11 of document GB.333/INS/9 to be represented at the meetings listed therein as observers:

(GB.333/INS/9, paragraph 12).

Programme of meetings for 2018–19 and advance information for 2020

The Governing Body took note of the programme of meetings set out in Part II of document GB.333/INS/9, as approved by the Officers of the Governing Body.

(GB.333/INS/9, paragraph 13.)