1. ASIST Bulletin No. 10

    01 January 2000

    Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Theme of this issue: Socio-economic impact of labour-based technology


  1. Social Safety Nets, Public Works and Employment in the Infrastructure and Construction Sectors, Vietnam

    07 December 1999

    VIE/98/039/08/11 Social Safety Net Study

  2. Technical Audit for Labour-based/Equipment Supported Infrastructure Projects in the Philippines

    01 December 1999

    An Insight into the Technical Scope, Limitations and Problems Encountered in the Implementation of Labor-Based/ Equipment-Supported Method of Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure Projects of the Philippine Government

  3. Trends in employment-intensive programmes

    01 November 1999

  4. ASIST today and tomorrow

    01 November 1999

    Background note no. 2 for the ASIST Review and Planning Workshop (Nov. 1999)

  5. Hanna Nassif community based infrastructure upgrading project phase II

    01 August 1999

  6. ASIST Bulletin No. 9

    01 July 1999

    Bi-annual newsletter containing articles and news on labour-based activities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Theme of this issue: Contracting in employment-intensive works

  7. An opportunity for employment creation, labour-based technology in roadworks: The macro-economic dimension, Uganda

    01 June 1999

    Socio-Economic Technical Papers (SETP) No. 6

  8. Stakeholder participation in rural access road prioritisation: The South African experience

    01 May 1999

  9. Labour-based works in Lesotho: Capacity building and development of construction industry

    01 May 1999

  10. Improving access and management of intermediate modes of transport in Sub-Saharan Africa

    01 May 1999

  11. Contracts with works paid by km and contractors in 3 levels

    01 May 1999

  12. Contracting in employment-intensive works

    01 May 1999

  13. Contracting development - Key issues for the future

    01 May 1999

  14. Community managed labour based works

    01 May 1999

  15. A case study of labour-based contractor training in Egypt

    01 May 1999

  16. Employment-Intensive Infrastructure Programmes: Capacity building for contracting in the construction Sector

    01 January 1999

    Provides a set of guidelines for programmes which aim to integrate cost-effective employment-intensive approaches into infrastructure works while respecting basic labour standards and working conditions.

  17. The role of the client, contractor and consultant associations on the labour-based road programmes in Zambia - 'Where do we go from here?'

    01 January 1999

  18. Rural access and employment - The Laos experience

    01 January 1999

    Rural Access Technical Papers (RATP) No. 4

  19. ASIST Bulletin no. 8

    01 January 1999