ILO-RDPP Research Partnership for Improved Livelihoods of Jordanian & Syrian Youth: Launch of publications

Over the past decade, Jordan has endured a cascade of exogenous shocks, starting with the 2008 global economic crisis, and followed by incessant upheaval in the region, especially in neighbouring Syria. The chain of events produced devastating social and economic outcomes, which the country struggles to withstand to this day.

The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic did not only proliferate new employment challenges, but also exacerbated existing shortcomings in the labour market. In 2020, total youth unemployment (15-24) surpassed 45 percent, and around 53 percent for young women.

To better inform policy development, the ILO has attempted to expand the knowledge and evidence base on youth livelihoods in Jordan and arrive at an in-depth understanding of the youth employment challenge through both qualitative and quantitative research and analysis.


This webinar aims to launch the five research papers produced within the framework of the ILO-RDPP Research Partnership for Improved Livelihoods of Jordanian & Syrian Youth, and present the main findings. The five papers are:

Skills for Green and Digital Transitions and Employment in Jordan;
School-to-work transition of young women and men in Jordan;
Growth, Macroeconomic Policies and Employment: The impact of macroeconomic and trade policies on employment generation in Jordan;
Platform work in Jordan: Challenges and opportunities; and
The Potential Role of Exports in Promoting Formalization and Decent Job Creation for Youth in Jordan.

The webinar will offer participants the chance to gain a more in-depth understanding of the current issues surrounding youth employment in Jordan, the main reasons and drivers of unemployment or inactivity, and the policy measures that could be deployed to combat youth labour underutilization and deal with its repercussions. Participants will have the opportunity to discuss policy options and potential strategies to support young people’s employment and their access to decent and productive jobs.


The webinar will be held in English and Arabic, with simultaneous interpretation from/into both languages.

Location, date and time

The webinar will be held virtually through the ZOOM platform on 13 July 2023, between 11:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. (Amman local time)

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11:00 – 11:10 Welcome remarks
- Tariq Haq, Senior Employment Policy Specialist & Head of Regional Economic and Social Analysis Unit, ILO Regional Office for Arab States, Beirut
- Petr Kostohryz, RDPP Partnership Manager, European Regional Development and Protection Programme for Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq
11:10 - 11:50 Presentation of research main findings and recommendations
- Aya Jaafar, Labour Economist, ILO Regional Office for Arab States, Beirut
11:50 – 12:25 Experts’ discussion
- Ramsey Mansur, Research manager, Crown Prince Foundation, Jordan
- Lawrence Jeff Johnson, Deputy Director, Research Department, ILO, Geneva

Open discussion
12:25 – 12:30 Closing remarks