Events and meetings


  1. ILO/ACWF Training for High-level Officials on Capacity Building of Gender Mainstreaming Strategy

    12 - 14 September 2012

    The workshop is to train high-level officials of women federations with key concepts and strategies for mainstreaming gender equality, to familiarize them with the International Labour Standards to promote gender eqality, as well as other tools in the international legal framework.

  2. High-Level Meeting on the Application of Child Labour Conventions Ratified by China

    6 - 7 September 2012

    Jointly organized by the Chinese Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the ILO, the high-level meeting aimed at promoting international labour standards regarding child labour elimination and exchanging international good practices of eliminating child labour.

  3. Green Jobs in Asia Regional Conference

    29 - 31 August 2012

    On 29-31 August 2012, a tripartite regional workshop will discuss the Green Jobs in Asia project to highlight successful approaches, areas of improvement and the way forward. Representatives from GJA will include Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines and Sri Lanka. They will be joined by additional countries with Green Jobs experience: China, Fiji, India and Thailand.

  4. Youth Employment in Asia and the Pacific

    1 May 2012

    As a lead-up to the Youth Employment Forum to be held in Geneva, 23-25 May 2012, many activities were held globally to highlight youth employment issues. Thirteen countries in Asia and the Pacific are organizing various activities to raise awareness on the importance of youth employment.

  5. Youth Employment Consultation in China

    7 April 2012

    As a lead-up to Youth Employment Forum, this national event was jointly organised by China Agricultural University and the ILO.


  1. International Seminar on Collective Bargaining at Branch/Sector Level

    24 - 25 August 2011

    The seminar will focus on sharing international experiences on collective bargaining, particularly at industrial or sectoral levels. It aims to increase the cooperation between ACFTU, ITUC and ACTRAV. It is aimed at helping the ACFTU in promoting industrial or sectoral collective bargaining in China.

  2. Tripartite Seminar on Strengthening Labour Inspection Services

    15 - 16 June 2011

    The purpose of the seminar is to consult with the social partners on how to improve labour inspection services through closer collaboration between labour inspectors and law supervisors appointed from trade unions, women's federation and youth leagues.

  3. Green Jobs-AP online discussion forum on policies, programs and measures to promote Green Jobs

    16 May - 5 June 2011

    This forum seeks participants’ experiences, expertise and feedback on the issue. Participation is open to all who have an interest in green jobs related issues.

  4. APYouthNet online discussion forum on the effects of labour migration policies on young people

    16 - 27 May 2011

    This forum seeks participants’ experiences, expertise and feedback on the issue. Participation is open to all who have an interest in youth employment related issues.

  5. Visioning Event for an ILO Asia Pacific Community of Practice on Industrial Relations (AP-IR Net)

    26 - 28 April 2011

    Launched as part of the Asian Decent Work Decade Knowledge Networks series, the AP-IR Net community of Practice (CoP) sets the stage for ILO constituents, IR professionals, academia and others to interact and to share resources, experiences, expertise and ideas in order to find timely solutions to a range of legal, policy and practical challenges in labour and employment relations.