Events and meetings


  1. Cooperatives Use Incentive Mechanisms to Extend Social Protection to Herders

    15 September 2021

    The ILO-led UN Joint Programme (UNJP) on Extending Social Protection to Herders with Enhanced Shock Responsiveness aims to demonstrate how partnerships are critical to accelerating the achievement of the SDGs by supporting the government and stakeholders to promote social protection, with a focus on having more herders be covered by social protection schemes including social insurance and reducing their vulnerabilities to poverty and extreme climate change.

  2. Digital Social Security Hackathon

    1 September - 30 November 2021

  3. Qualtrics Orientation Sessions for MONEF

    25 - 30 August 2021

  4. ILO/GASI webinar: International Experiences and Lessons in Developing and Operating the MIS for Labour Inspection

    20 August 2021

    In cooperation with the General Agency for Specialized Inspection (GASI), the ILO is organizing the second webinar to share international experiences in labour inspection action systems within the framework of the EU funded project on “SDG - Aligned Budgeting to Transform Employment in Mongolia”.

  5. Webinar: Labour rights of youth in Mongolia

    20 August 2021

    The webinar is co-organized by the ILO and members of the Mongolia Decent Work for Youth Network under the aegis of the UN Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth.

  6. ILO/MONEF Training Workshop on Facilitation

    10 - 12 August 2021

    This is a part of the MONEF’s roll-out of the ILO In Business training programme within the ILO project on Promoting formal employment for inclusive and diversified economic growth in Mongolia” (MNG/18/01/RBS).

  7. ILO/MONEF Workshop on Quality Assurance and Good Governance models for IN BUSINESS programmes

    9 August 2021

    The workshop intends to create a forum to discuss the collective process where the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF), vendors, and other key stakeholders must work together to accomplish the mission and objectives of the IN BUSINESS programme. The roll-out of this programme is being supported by the ILO project on Promoting Formal Employment for Inclusive and Diversified Economic Growth in Mongolia (MNG/18/01/RBS).

  8. Webinar: Evidence Based Policy Making for Informal Employment in Mongolia

    7 July 2021

  9. Discussion to Validate Preliminary Findings of the Informal Employment Survey for Mongolia

    5 July 2021

    In this online discussion the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (MLSP) and its Research Institute of Labour and Social Protection (RILSP) will present preliminary findings of the Informal Employment Survey for Mongolia to national stakeholders and experts.

  10. ILO/GASI Introductory Seminar on Strategic Compliance Planning for Labour inspection

    2 July 2021

    The seminar aims to introduce the ILO Approach to Strategic Compliance Planning for Labour inspectorates to representatives of the General Agency for Specialized Inspection (GASI) and social partners.