Trade for Decent Work

Labour Welfare Service officers are being trained in labour law and labour dispute resolution

In close collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, "Trade for Decent Work" project funded by the European Union trains Labour Welfare Service officers at the local and national government levels on the newly adopted Labour Law (2021) and the Labour Dispute Resolution mechanism from May 10 to May 11, 2022.


By undergoing these training sessions, labour officers are better equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to manage the labour disputes, and implement the revised Labour Law and its related regulations at the soum (the lowest administrative level), district and aimag (province) levels more effectively.
The session began with opening remarks from Mr. Zulpkhar Sarkhad, the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social protection, followed by Mr. Marco Ferri, Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to Mongolia, and Mr. Chang-Hee Lee, Country Director of ILO Office for China and Mongolia.