World Day Against Child Labour

To eliminate child labour, we fight with its root causes

This is a panel discussion of Mongolian tripartite partners together with UN, ILO and development partners calling for action to eliminate all forms of child labour.

In observation of the World Day Against Child Labour, 12 June 2021, the ILO, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Mongolian Employers’ Federation, Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions, UN Resident Coordinator's Office, National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia and Delegation of the European Union are organizing a panel discussion on challenges and opportunities to eliminate all forms of Child Labour.

The discussion was rich engaging with good contributions from all the panelists and many key issues were touched upon: informality, education, herders, jockeys, culture, should be tackled all the time not only on WDACL.

“Horse racing has been Mongolia’s cultural heritage for thousands of years. Banning the use of children as jockeys in winter and spring horse races is a big achievement in terms of protecting children’s health and lives. For summer horse races, the Ministry stands firm that we require minimum age of 12 years for all jockeys. However, this needs a joint decision involving other stakeholders other than the ministry” said Ms Ariunzaya Ayush, Minister for Labour and Social Protection. On this note, Mr Tapan Mishra, UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia added that “Culture is an important factor in implementing national legislation and international conventions. Also, the culture should not be an excuse to exploit or press children in any forms of labour”.