Trade4DW Project

Tripartite partners learn from Best Practices in ILS Reporting

Members of national tripartite sub-committee on application of ILO conventions and recommendations attend "Best Practices In ILS Reporting" online training of ITCILO, March 22- May 14, 2021.

Trade for Decent Work (Trade4DW) project implemented by ILO and financed by European Union aims to strengthen the capacity of National Tripartite Sub-Committee on application of ILO conventions and recommendations. To reach this objective, three members of the tripartite sub-committee,namely, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Mongolian Employers’ Federation and Confederation of Mongolian Trade Unions are trained on “Best practices in ILS reporting” organized by the ILO International Training Center (ITC) in Turin as an initial activity.

Ms Namuun's note during the training
Ms Namuun Tsendjav, Foreign Relations Specialist of CMTU highlighted that “the training  has benefited the social partners to obtain new knowledge and information, so that employers and workers are actively involved in the ILS reporting. As a representative of the trade union, I have learnt important technical skills and knowledge in order to contribute to the role and participation of my organization in the ILS reporting."