EU/ILO/MONEF training workshop on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work

This is a follow-up training to the ILO/MONEF cooperation aimed at improving Mongolian businesses’ labour and business practices. It aims at strengthening MONEF’s capacity to promote the realization of the fundamental principles and rights at work in SMEs and developing a new service for enterprises.

Under the framework of the “Sustaining strengthened national capacities to improve ILS compliance and reporting in relevant EU trading partners” project, the ILO provided technical assistance to the Mongolian Employers’ Federation (MONEF) to develop a due diligence tool kit for use by small and medium-sized enterprises in Mongolia, as they gear up to export goods to the European Union market. Based on the “Ready2Export, Self-assessment tool for employers: Fundamental principles and rights at work”, MONEF has published a tool kit for export-oriented businesses. The tool kit provides reference information on the GSP+ requirement, explanations about Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work (FPRW); self-assessment questionnaires for businesses to use in determining the extent to which its business practices are FPRW-compliance and areas and recommendations for improving business practices.

Mongolia is a beneficiary of the EU’s Generalised Scheme of Privileges – Plus programme, which gives a 0% tariff rate to imported goods from Mongolia. Mongolian enterprises have not been able to fully optimize this trade privilege. Mongolia’s export to the EU market appears to be hampered by low level of productivity and inability of business to thrive sustainably and meet the requirements of the international markets. Experiences around the world provide evidences that link business growth and sustainable productivity with integration of FPRW in an enterprise’s business practices. In this regard, the tool kit can be a useful reference for practical action for small and medium-sized businesses that already export to the EU market, that are interested to do so, and/or that are in the supply chains of companies that trade in the EU market.

MONEF aims at improving knowledge of its existing trainers and experts in FPRW to further promote use of the due diligence self-assessment tool among its members-businesses while initiating discussion with its members to establish a long term compliance service exclusively owned by MONEF for growth of export oriented businesses.

Mr. Ravindra Peiris, Senior Specialist, Employers' Activities, ILO and Ms. Parissara Liewkeat, Programme analyst, ILO together with national experts conduct this training for 20 participants from MONEF and its member companies.