The ILO/EU GSP+2 project closing workshop (roundtable discussion)

At the occasion of project closing, the ILO together with key project partners and stakeholders will jointly review the work of the project as a whole, discuss strengths and weaknesses of the projects in achieving its planned outcomes and identify key takeaways of the project.

Mongolia is a beneficiary country of the EU GSP+ scheme whereby it is required to comply the ILO’s fundamental conventions (freedom of association, the right to collective bargaining, abolition of forced and child labour, non-discrimination in occupation and employment).

The ILO together with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Mongolian Employers’ Federation and Confederation of Mongolian Trade Union has implemented the EU funded project “GSP+2 – Support GSP+ Beneficiary Countries to Effectively Implement ILS and Comply with Reporting Obligations – Mongolia” since 1 August 2016. Within the framework of the project the ILO has been working with its Mongolian constituents and various other national partners to strengthen the realization of the fundamental principles and rights at work in small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Mongolia. The project will end on 31 January 2019. Project implementation during the 30 months, and beyond if we take account of the previous GSP+1 project during 2015-2018, has generated valuable results, partnerships, and experiences.

The workshop aims at:  
  • discussing what we have done, achieved and learnt under the project with stakeholders including the ILO constituents and the donor
  • showcasing overview of the project activities and highlights of results to stakeholders
  • discussing sustainability of the project
35 participants from national partners including the ILO constituents (MLSP, MONEF and CMTU), Mongolian Bar Association, National Human Rights Commission of Mongolia, Authority for Family, Child and Youth Development, General Agency for Specialized Inspection, Mongolian Youth Federation will attend.