Experts' Meeting on the ILO Global Wage Report 2012/13

The meeting is to introduce the newly launched ILO Global Wage Report 2012/13 and discuss among wage experts wage issues at global and national levels.

This meeting brings together the best wage experts from the ILO and China to exchange information and views on wages.

The ILO publishes the Global Wage Report every two years since 2008, for the purpose of sharing data on trends in wages around the world; analyzing wage impacts on the global economy, employment and living standard, labour relations, sustainable development of enterprise and harmonious society; identifying the challenges of wage growth; and enabling policy-makers and social partners to develop innovative measures and actions to response to these challenges.

During the meeting, the ILO wage specialists introduced and the ILO Global Wage Report 2012/13, which was launched globally on 7 December 2012. This new report spells out the major wage trends and its implications on equitable growth, also suggests a path for sustained and balanced economic growth.

The discussion also focused on wage trends and development situation in China. Chinese experts on wage issues shared with ILO Officials and specialists their valuable experiences and views on addressing wage challenges in China.