Video and audio stories

  1. Financial crisis threatens progress on child labour in Mongolia

    12 June 2009

    A new report from the International Labour Office warns that the global financial and economic crisis could push an increasing number of children, particularly girls, into child labour. Eliminating child labour in developing countries like Mongolia will depend on keeping access to education open to children, especially girls who are vulnerable in times of economic downturn.

  2. Combating HIV/AIDS on the big screen in China

    15 April 2009

    It's the biggest movement of people in history. According to official estimates some 200 million people in China are migrant workers – that is about 15 per cent of the country's population. And what is more they are amongst the most vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS.


    07 December 2005

    While China’s economy booms, many workers leave the countryside to make money in the cities or even abroad. The ILO’s Mekong Project to Combat Trafficking aims to raise awareness of the problem and teach about safe migration.