Labour migration

Managing labour mobility: Opportunities and challenges for employers in the ASEAN region

This publication series documents and consolidates the outputs of the regional meetings to better inform employers’ activities, and summarizes the position of employers’ on the priority issues on labour migration in the ASEAN region. It gives the context of these priority areas as well as the policy position papers agreed upon as a result of the regional workshops.

In order to fully engage employers’ organizations in the ASEAN processes on labour migration, an Action Plan was developed for the employers’ component of the ASEAN TRIANGLE Project (ATP) of the International Labour Organization (ILO). Overall, the Action Plan entailed regional meetings, training, policy work, and research work undertaken with the main implementing partners, the ASEAN Confederation of Employers (ACE) together with ten national employers’ organizations The activities aimed to strengthen the voice of employers, through ACE, at national- and regional-level policy discussions on labour migration.

This three-year ATP progamme with ACE was designed to have a relevant impact at the regional level and has three main objectives:

1. To strengthen the capacity of ACE and its members to engage in effective policy dialogues based on empirical evidence to promote a sound governance framework for mobility and migration in the ASEAN region.

2. To strengthen the capacity of ACE to convene members around labour migration-related issues, in order to raise awareness and share good practices among them.

3. To develop regional guidelines and other tools and products that can be customized at the national level by employers’ organizations into demand-driven products that can practically assist enterprises.