Programmes and projects

The ILO operates a wide range of programmes and projects in Asia Pacific focusing on relief and development challenges. The overall purpose of this technical cooperation is to support implementation of the Decent Work agenda in each country.

  1. Tripartite Action to Protect Migrant Workers within and from the Greater Mekong Subregion from Labour Exploitation (GMS TRIANGLE project)

    10 June 2010 - 31 May 2015

    The GMS TRIANGLE project focused on reducing the exploitation of labour migrants by contributing to the development of legal and safe recruitment channels and improved labour protection mechanisms. It is currently continued through TRIANGLE in ASEAN programme.

  2. Investment Budget Execution Support for Rural Infrastructure Development and Employment Generation (TIM Works) Project (Timor-Leste)

    1 June 2010 - 29 February 2012

    The Project addresses the enormous twin challenges of job creation and the need for infrastructure improvement in Timor-Leste, contributing to employment generation, poverty reduction, economic growth and peace building through the rehabilitation, construction and maintenance of rural infrastructure using labour-based (equipment supported) work methods.

  3. Local Empowerment through Economic Development (LEED) Project

    26 May 2010 - 30 June 2016

    The Project contributes to poverty reduction, sustainable job creation and peace building through an improved environment with strengthened governance, effective community-based services and public-private partnership that economically empower vulnerable groups in conflict-affected populations in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka.

  4. Promoting Gender Equality for Decent Employment (GE4DE)

    15 March 2010 - 31 October 2016

    In partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and development (DFATD)-Canada, the ILO in Pakistan is implementing the largest Gender Project in South Asia which aims to improve gender equality in the world of work. The project is premised on ILO’s conviction that, gender equality in the world of work is a fundamental matter of human rights, social justice and is instrumental in achieving social and economic development goals.The project has three main objectives which include strengthening national mechanisms to promote equal employment and opportunities for women, enhance skills and employability of women in rural and urban areas of selected districts and strengthen the capacity of the media to raise awareness on issues related to working women in both the formal and informal economy.

  5. Inter-Agency Programme to Nurture Peace, Security and Decent Work through Local Development in Conflict Areas of the Philippines (Bondoc Peninsula)

    10 March 2010 - 28 February 2013

    Bondoc Peninsula of Quezon Province is locked in a time-warp. It appears quiet and bucolic until one looks deeper. There are few cows and sheep; commercial activity is rudimentary. Bondoc Peninsula has missed out on development in large part because of conflict.

  6. Community Mobilization for Poverty Reduction and Social Inclusion in Service Delivery (COMPASIS) Project (Timor-Leste)

    1 March 2010 - 28 February 2013

    The UN agencies implementing this project sought the support of the UN Trust Fund for Human Security (UNTFHS) to enable a multi-agency response to the social and economic needs of the vulnerable poverty-stricken local population within the Ermera and Oecusse districts of Timor-Leste. This multifaceted project meets the criteria for the Human Security approach, and is integral to the UN's input into the human security and sustainable development of Timor-Leste

  7. Combating Child Labour through Education

    1 January 2010 - 31 December 2014

    The Project aims to strengthen the policy level linkages between work on child labour and education, leading to action which will improve the opportunities for those in or vulnerable to child labour to benefit from education.

  8. Promoting Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in Sri Lanka -Phase I & II

    1 January 2010 - 31 December 2014

    The Project will contribute to improving labour-relations in Sri Lanka.

  9. MDG-Fund Joint Programme on Ensuring Food Security and Nutrition for Children 0-24 Months Old in the Philippines

    2 November 2009 - 30 April 2013

    The International Labour Organization (ILO), in collaboration with other UN partner agencies, promote maternity protection in the workplace. This Joint Programme, with support from the Government of Spain through MDG achievement Fund, seeks to promote the advocacy and interventions that will create enabling environment and encourage women workers and nursing mothers to practice exclusive breastfeeding in the formal and informal workplaces in the three Joint Programmes cities in (a) Naga City; (b) Iloilo City; and (c) Zamboanga City.

  10. Nias Islands Rural Access and Capacity Building Project (RACBP)

    1 October 2009 - 31 March 2013

    This project aims to support the residents in targeted areas on Nias Islands by improving rural transport infrastructure in order to enhance access to economic and social services and facilities.

  11. PEPDEL Promoting the Employability and Employment of People with Disabilities through Effective Legislation

    23 September 2009 - 31 July 2011

    The ILO works in partnership with Irish Aid, the Government of Ireland’s programme of development assistance, to create greater opportunities for women and men, including people with disabilities, to secure decent work and income.

  12. Towards a Child Labour-Free Philippines: Supporting the Philippine Programme Against Chilld Labour in Building on Past Gains and Addressing Challenges

    1 September 2009 - 30 September 2013

    The International Labour Organization (ILO) works with local partners to combat child labour in the country through a US Government-funded project that looks at improving information management, consolidating partnerships, developing models and sustaining efforts to withdraw and prevent children from working.

  13. Timor-Leste Labour Market Information Systems Project – Phase I Extension (Timor-Leste)

    30 July 2009 - 31 December 2011

    Irish Aid has been providing funding for ILO’s technical assistance to the Government of Timor-Leste in the area of Labour Market Information during December 2006-December 2008. During this period, a Labour Market Information Department (LMI) was created within the Secretariat of State for Vocational Training and Employment (SEFOPE).

  14. MDG Fund Joint Programme on Alternatives to Migration: Decent Jobs for Filipino Youth

    1 July 2009 - 31 January 2013

    Funded by the Government of Spain through MDG Achievement Fund, the International Labour Organization (ILO) together with other UN agencies IOM, UNICEF and UNFPA, supports the nation’s vision of a productive and competitive youth by exploring alternatives to migration.

  15. Investment Budget Execution Support for Rural Infrastructure Development and Employment Generation (TIM Works) Project - IRL (Timor-Leste)

    1 July 2009 - 30 June 2011

    The 2006 Timor-Leste and Development Partners Meeting displayed the commitment of the Government to promote accelerated economic growth under its Combating Poverty as a National Cause Plan, and progress towards the objectives defined by the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), particularly in areas related with the Eradication of Extreme Poverty, and the Development and Implementation of Strategies for Decent and Productive Work.

  16. The Indigenous Peoples Development Programme (IPDP): Caraga Region

    15 June 2009 - 31 December 2013

    The ILO works with indigenous peoples through enabling policies that engage them in exercising a full range of rights, including those delineated in the Philippine Constitution, the Indigenous Peoples’ Rights Act (IPRA) and the nation’s medium-term development plans.

  17. Greener Business Asia

    1 June 2009 - 31 December 2014

    Building capacity to achieve greener workplaces and sustainable enterprises through worker-employer cooperation.

  18. Social Accounting Matrix Advisory Support And Monitoring Assistance (SAMASAMA)

    1 June 2009 - 31 December 2010

    This project aims to enhance diagnostic and policy advisory capacities available in Indonesia through development of tools and monitoring and evaluation systems that analyze 1) the impact of public spending on employment and poverty reduction, and 2) the cost-effectiveness of the government investments.

  19. India: Social dialogue for green jobs promotion

    Since 2009, the ILO is supporting green jobs initiatives in India with a particular focus on climate change and sectoral approaches for green jobs creation.

  20. ILO-INTUC Pilot Project on “Decent Work for Domestic Workers: Organizing, Skills Upgradation and Advocacy

    1 May 2009 - 30 April 2010

    A demonstration programme for improving the working and living conditions of domestic workers on a sustainable basis, as well as enhancing capacities in project areas through organizing, skill upgradation and training and advocacy; and to strengthen the capacities of implementing partner unions by organizing unorganized domestic workers as well as networking with various stakeholders.