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  1. Press release

    New ILO Approach to Combating Forced Labour Stresses Technical Cooperation

    25 February 2002, BANGKOK

    The ILO announces the formation of a new unit which will take concrete measures to combat forced and compulsory labour.

  2. Press release

    ILO Asian and Pacific Member States meet to discuss Practical Action against Forced and Compulsory Labour

    21 February 2002, BANGKOK

    Finding practical ways to combat forced and compulsory labour is a key theme of an ILO meeting bringing together 24 member States.


  1. Press release

    ILO Meeting to forge New Alliances to Combat Child Trafficking

    10 October 2001, MANILA

    The ILO/Japan Asian Meeting on the Trafficking of Children for Labour and Sexual Exploitation gathers representatives from 14 countires to forge new alliances and strategies to combat child trafficking.

  2. Press release

    Government, employer and worker representatives gather in Penang to combat rising risk of sexual harassment at work

    02 October 2001, PENANG

    An ILO technical report findings suggests trend in increases in the scale and risk of sexual harassment at work.

  3. Press release

    ILO High Level Team visits Myanmar

    17 September 2001, BANGKOK

    An ILO High Level Team, visits Myanmar to assess actions by the Government concerning forced labour.

  4. Press release

    Workshop aims at National Policy on HIV/AIDS in the World of Work

    12 September 2001, BANGKOK

    Two-day ILO workshop aims at developing a national policy on HIV/AIDS and the world of work for Thailand.

  5. Press release

    ILO Asian Regional Meeting calls for National Action Plans for Decent Work

    31 August 2001, BANGKOK

    ILO’s Thirteenth Asian Regional Meeting results in a conclusion that calls for the Member States to establish national plans of action for "Decent Work".

  6. Press release

    ILO to Address Decent Work Deficit in Asia and the Pacific

    24 August 2001, BANGKOK

    ILO opens Conference aimed at shoring up Asia’s economies by providing a new element to the development agenda – the quest for “decent work.”

  7. Press release

    International Labour Organization to Thirteenth Asian Regional Meeting

    22 August 2001, BANGKOK

    The ILO's Thirteenth Asian Regional Meeting seek to establish new policies and projects for promoting decent work in the region as a key to reducing poverty and restoring economies.

  8. Press release

    Indigenous people still the poorest of the poor

    08 August 2001, BANGKOK

    The ILO shows concern about the world’s 300 million indigenous people, half of whom live in Asia, still remain the poorest of the poor.